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teacher with students

Watch Them Come Running

Here's what happens when a preschool special education teacher asks for God's presence to be with her as she teaches. 

mom with 2 children

Am I a Bad Mom?

Are you afraid that your parenting will send your kids to a therapist when they're an adult? Here's how to deal with that fear.

man dying

When I Am Weak

Here's how God responds to you when you're weak.

woman stressed

Don't Miss the Obvious Needs

A woman is struggling to breathe at a church meeting and no one notices. Here's why we need to keep our eyes open for the needs around us.

woman travelling

When Transition Hurts

Change can be uncomfortable, full of sorrow and yet propel you forward into God's purposes. Here's how to respond to God during change.

woman praying

Discover God's Strength to Live

Tired from trying to live the Christian life in your own strength? Here's how to depend on God in your struggle.

woman climbing mountain

Taking the Time to Learn Perseverance

Perseverance isn't one of those character traits you can learn in a fast-food rush. Here's why you need to get on God's timetable as He builds perseverance in you.

girl opening gift

Uncover Your Gift From God

God has given you a gift you may not think of as a treasure from God. Here's how valuable your gift is to the kingdom of God.


A Helper for My Husband

Does the word helper make you cringe? Here's some insight on the biblical meaning of the word.

woman hanging on

When You've Got Nothing Left to Give

A single mom of five kids wants to go back to college, but she feels overwhelmed. Here's what God showed her in that moment when she thought she couldn't do any more.

horse in clouds

4 Tests For a Dream From God

Dreamers who mistake their own subconscious thoughts or even demonic influence as divine instruction can make grim and historic mistakes. So how can you discern whether a dream is from God?

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