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mom and son

Raising Your Kids in a Culture of Honor

Home is where the heart is—and where a culture of honor begins. Here one way you can demonstrate this biblical principle to your children.

woman looking at sunrise

How Peace Can Create a Miracle

We think of peace as a placid, passive activity. Bible teacher Joyce Tilney shows how God works through peace and contentment.
woman with sky behind her

This Man Won't Disappoint You

Lisa Bevere candidly shares how her husband, John, disappointed her when they were first married. Here's how God changed her heart towards her husband.

Anne Graham-Lotz

When Blessings Bring You Battles

A spiritual victory can put you in a vulnerable place for defeat. Here's a warning from Anne Graham-Lotz to keep your victory

mom talking to son

LISTEN: How Do I Talk to My Kids About Sex?

Most parents dread talking about sex with their kids. Parenting experts Barrett and Jenifer Johnson offer some practical guidelines for having this important conversation with your kids.

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