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happy friends

5 Signs of a Strong Friendship

If you go from one dysfunctional relationship to another, here are the signs of a healthy friendship.

woman on phone

The Phone Call That Saved My Life

Teresa's mom struggled with mental illness and she lost hope that her mom would find freedom. Then she received a phone call that changed everything.

mom and child

When Your Prayers Don't Get Answered

Praying with your child and not seeing quick answers can seem hopeless. Yet there's one thing we can do to keep our hope alive.

frustrated woman

Discontent: The Breeding Ground for Deception

Eve had everything - the glory of God as her clothing, the perfect husband and beautiful home. Yet she lost the glory of God when she opened the door for deception. 

woman crying

When the Church Hurts You

What do you do when a friend confides in you that someone in the church has wounded her? 

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