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Find Freedom From Pleasing People

Making sure everyone is happy and comfortable with your life can be stifling. Here's how to find freedom to please God alone. 

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World-Class Ministry Starts at Home

Raising kids is hard work done in obscurity. You feel forgotten and like you're not doing anything important for God. Here's how God sees your time with your kids.


How to Keep Your Dream Alive

Bo Stern has a dream for her husband to be healed of an incurable degenerative disease. Here's how she keeps the dream alive when there is no hope.

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How Anxiety Hits You

How do you handle that feeling of dread that wants to pull you down? Here's how to handle fear next time it tries to grip you.


When Your Kid Wants to Date

What do you do when your teen wants to start dating? You're not alone in that conversation with your teen.

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When Corrupt Talk Comes Out of Your Mouth

With a little addition and subtraction in your speech, you could unleash God's activity in your life. Here's how your talk can attract or repel the Holy Spirit.

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Find Your Passion Through Your Pain

Are you in a battle that has no end in sight? Do you stay up late at night praying over a problem? God may be placing a mandate on you. Here's how your pain could be God calling you to a cause.


Discover Your Identity as a Woman in God

There is a role that God has called women to fulfill that could be perceived by our society as demeaning. Here's some insight on that role and how God set the example for women.

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Scriptures for When Your Child is Scared

The enemy terrorizes children with dread through movies, games or people who scar them for life. Here are scriptures to speak over the children in your life to break the power of fear.

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Moving From the Called to the Chosen

There's a distinct difference between the called and the chosen. The decision is in our hands for whether we will become one of the chosen.

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