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When You Have No Answers

Sometimes you can't find the answer to your problem in the Bible or through the counsel of a trusted friend. Here's why you don't have an answer.

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When Jesus Gives You Surprise Gifts

Tricia had one week to prepare for Christmas because of urgent ministry needs that took precedence. Here's how God came through for Tricia when she put His needs first.

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The One Thing God Wants From You

There's only one thing that God moved heaven and earth for and He still after the most precious gift you can give Him.


Where Are the Spiritual Mothers?

The lack of true discipleship has left a gaping hole for women with "mommy wars," celebrity gossip and a widespread misunderstanding of the role of stay-at-home moms.

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Facing Death

In the beginning, we were never intended to die. Death was not a part of God's original plan.

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The One Way You Learn to Trust God

In those years, for the most part, they repeated the same obedience day after day with no hint that it really mattered.

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Take This Step Before You Judge

We see this theme repeated time and again in God's Word: We cannot judge truth until we know and apply truth.

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The Real Reason We Need to Wait on God

Over and over again, we read stories from the Bible of people who mishandled their waiting times. Here's what we need to learn about waiting.

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