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Bob and Michelle Duggar

Why the Duggars Kept Josh Duggar's Sexual Abuse a Secret

This high-profile family that has generated high ratings for their show is being vilified for their efforts to protect their children's privacy. Here's why they made that decision with an unforgettable lesson for everyone.

body shape

You Are Not What You Weigh

We have been caught in the snare of the enemy that our happiness depends on our outward beauty.

woman leader

6 Lessons Learned From Change

As most of you can testify from your own experience, God has different plans for us in different seasons of our lives.

Pastor Barb and Brent Rudoski of Faith Alive Church

Why This Pastor's Kid Loves Her Parents

Pastor's kids are usually the most wayward or rebellious towards their parents when they turn 18. Here's what her parents did that attracted her to God.

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