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group that's not unified

The Dangers of Disunity

How does division in our own hearts contribute to a lack of unity in the church?

woman praying earnestly

10 Ways to Pray for Supernatural Healing

Whether it's a minor cold or a major diagnosis, the final word always belongs to the Great Physician. Here are 10 ways to pray for healing and speak health over your life.

woman being abused

How Abuse Shaped a Woman's View of God

Fifty Shades of Grey, a movie that glamorizes sexual violence against women, has debuted in theaters. Here's one woman's story of how she had to overcome a perverted view of God because of abuse.

people praying together

5 Ways We Can Build Up the Church

God has placed you in someone else's life for a reason. Here's how you can advance the kingdom of God in your relationships.

girl facing danger

The Greatest Danger You Face

We're accustomed to living with the greatest danger that we face without realizing we're not safe.

depressed woman

When You Need Medication

Some Christians think that taking medication is a sign that you don't have faith to be healed. Here's why you should take your medicine.

hopeless woman

How Hope Will Find You

When hope seemed out of reach, here's how God broke in with life and freedom for one woman.

praying church

Are We 'Praying' the Price?

We will not see the move of God we long for unless it is preceded by a prayer movement. Are we "praying" the price?

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