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How God Remembers You

Our earthly sense of fairness isn't always in sync with God's ways. But be assured, God never wastes His servants, nor will He forget their suffering.

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Struggling With Singleness and Infertility

Being single was a struggle for this woman, and then God brought a man into her life. Now she is fighting infertility. Here's how God stepped into the struggles.

Shannon Deitz

The Best Way to Prevent Child Abuse

April is Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. Here's the best way you can help prevent child abuse, shared by a woman who has overcome abuse.

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Finishing Your Race

Janice had never run a race in her life. Here's what God showed her after her first race.

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God Wants to Speak Through You

Evangelism takes on a new prophetic power when we pause a moment and ask God what He has to say to the people we meet.


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9 Ways to Make Time for God

Are you too busy doing "good" things to focus on "God" things? Here are 9 things you can do to create more time for your relationship with God.

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Pray for Awakening in America

The director of Awakening America Alliance shares a simple plan for praying for awakening everyday.

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The Group Forgotten by the Church

Over 80 percent of this group doesn't go to church even though they would like to. Here's why they are staying away.

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Makeup Won't Send You to Hell

There are some Christians who believe you shouldn't wear makeup. But there are some issues beyond appearance that Christians should be concerned about.

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