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teens texting

How Social Media Brings Bondage to Vanity

We take endless selflies and present an edited, filtered version of ourselves to the world. Here's why we need to stop the obsession with social media.

woman looking up

5 Ways to Love Like Jesus

We may never realize or truly know the impact we have in this world; and sometimes it feels like we aren't doing enough.

teen boys

How Do You Handle Boys and Guns?

I've always believed that God created boys/men with a spirit of adventure and a drive to protect, defend and conquer.

girl jumping

When You Almost Miss a Blessing

God was offering me something beautiful, but because it wore other clothing than I expected it to wear, I almost didn't recognize it.

open door

Don't Miss Your Open Door

God is opening doors for you right now. Here's why you need to quit praying about walking through that door.

Bob and Michelle Duggar

Why the Duggars Kept Josh Duggar's Sexual Abuse a Secret

This high-profile family that has generated high ratings for their show is being vilified for their efforts to protect their children's privacy. Here's why they made that decision with an unforgettable lesson for everyone.

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