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woman dreaming and imagining

Why You Should Dream Bigger

Have you lost your God-given ability to dream? Here's how to stir your God-given dreams again.

sad woman

Why Life Isn't Fair

"There is something inside of each of us that screams, 'This is not fair!' A good man should not have to suffer the way Job did."

woman holding up hand

Do You Have Clean Hands?

The term "clean hands" is a court term. Here's a simple test to determine the state of your heart.

2 women trying to get control of their time

4 Ways to Get Control of Your Day

If you have too many tasks at the end of the day, here's some wisdom on how to take care of your responsibilities with peace.

woman kisses man in hospital

When a Loved One Is Dying

Most people want privacy in their fight for someone's life. But this woman is calling for everyone to wake up to what they can for those who are in a fight.
woman with a black eye

When Life Attacks

"When we face attacks in this life, our natural, human inclination is to freeze in fear and focus on the terrible thing that happened (or is threatening to happen)."

ministry group

3 Keys to Raising Up Leaders

Growing leaders must be an intentional investment. Here are three simple things you can do to equip people to lead.

woman breaking out of box

What Box Do You Fit in?

We desperately need women in leadership. Here's why you may be a leader without the title in daily life.

mad woman talking

How to Say No

'No' is the hardest answer to give when someone asks you for help. Here's why saying 'no' sets your priorities that fit God's purposes for your life.

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