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Jerome & Leilani Haywood

5 Signs That He Is 'The One'

Are you dating someone and wondering if he's a candidate for a serious relationship? Check out these signs to see if he is "the one."

Corrie Ten Boom

Heroine of the Faith: Corrie ten Boom

If you're under the age of 40, chances are that you haven't heard of Corrie ten Boom. Here's a heroine of the faith who was a survivor of the Holocaust.

Sue Birdseye

When Being Right Is Wrong

Has someone done something wrong against you? Here's some insight from author and blogger Sue Birdseye, who faced this challenge.

woman praising

Can You See His Glory?

Our lives will become a demonstration of God's glory when we begin to walk in His truth.

Sarah Bessey

The Power of a Calm Heart

Words have the power to move your heart. Sarah Bessey learned this lesson from one of her toddlers.

Jennifer Kennedy Dean

Think Small When You Dream Big

Are you small in your eyes? Jennifer Kennedy Dean uncovers how the small moments and acts can create giant works of God.

sad woman

When Hope Is a Battle

Author and blogger Wendy Alsup challenges us with the idea that God is good when circumstances don't line up.

Gloria Copeland

Finding Time for Him

If you want to be a powerful force for God, make fellowship with Jesus your top priority.

Lottie Moon

Heroine of the Faith: Lottie Moon

"Heroines of the Faith," by author and blogger Felicity Dale, is a series that will be posted every Wednesday. These are women who blazed a trail for God's glory in their time. Lottie Moon pioneered a move of God in China. Here's her story.

fruit on tree branch

How to Bear the Fruit of the Spirit

How do we become productive in the work of God? The late Dr. Fuchsia Pickett shares how we can be fruitful for the cause of Christ.

woman against wall

When God Delays His Arrival

Have you ever desperately prayed and then wondered if God would act? Here's some insight on how God responds.

girl listening

Did God Really Say That?

If you've ever wondered whether or not you were listening to God, here are some ways you can learn to distinguish His voice from all the others.

group of women

Finding Your Place as a Woman of Influence

God is moving women to the forefront in every area of leadership. Many of them are being equipped and empowered through their relationships with other women.

woman in crisis

5 Things Your Friends in Crisis Wish You Knew

Do you have a friend in crisis right now, or are you in the middle of a major battle? Author and teaching pastor Bo Stern is fighting for her husband's life. Here's some advice she gave to her friends and family.

woman climbing mountain

Taking the Mountain Climb of Faith

Like spiritual mountaineers, we must brave the elements—difficult circumstances—in order to follow the path God has laid out for us.

praising God

Change the Atmosphere With Praise

Where praise is, God is—and the enemy cannot reside. It's time to recognize the awesome power that is released when we declare His majesty.

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