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Jesus reaching out

Did Jesus Reject Women as Disciples?

Since women were not named among Jesus's disciples, was this a sign of rejection? You might be surprised by this insight uncovered by author and blogger Felicity Dale.



5 Keys to Help Your Teenager Grow in God

With typical candor, children's ministry director Gina McClain shares about the adventure of adjusting to her son's new interest in girls, and her determination to help (not hinder) him on his journey to faith in God.

depressed woman

The #1 Anti-Depressant: God's Word

If we will focus on God, His truth will strip away the spiritual dynamics that contribute to depression, and begin the healing process.

Lisa Bevere

The Treasure of Your Testimony

Do you have a story of when God moved in your life? Your story is your weapon of warfare. Here's why telling your story is an act of war on darkness.


3 Keys to Pass to Your Daughters

If you could share a few words of wisdom with your daughter, what would you say? Speaker and author Gina McClain encouraged her daughter with three essential biblical truths.

woman praying

The Nature of True Repentance

Most of us know that repentance is a requirement for salvation. But do we know when we've achieved it?

Rhonda Rhea

Does Your Life Send an Aroma of Christ?

A life of obedience to the Lord makes us a pleasing aroma to him, and to the world around us. Read on to learn how your life leaves the presence of Christ.

Sue Birdseye

A Single Mom of 5 Kids Finds God's Help

Feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities as a single mom? Sue Birdseye, a single mother of five, shares some encouraging words on how she found strength in God to conquer "single mom stress."

depressed woman

4 Ways to Find Freedom From Past Mistakes

Paying the consequences for bad choices isn't easy. Here's how author and teen mom mentor Tricia Goyer found freedom from her own bad decisions that could have crippled her for life.

masked woman

Fake Faith

Kim Martinez was in financial trouble. She confessed God's Word, but inside she stressed out, wondering if God was going to help. Here's what happened when she stopped faking faith.

kids eating

When Children Die Because They're Overweight

Dr. Walt Larimore watched a 14-year-old patient die from complications of childhood obesity, despite his repeated warnings to the child's parents to change their family's nutritional and exercise habits. Here are some tips from Dr. Walt on how your family can fight this epidemic.

Tammy Dunahoo

Become a Leader by Following

Jesus talked far more about how His disciples were to believe, live and think as servants than what they should do as leaders, shares the Foursquare Church general supervisor, Tammy Dunahoo.

woman on computer

Facebook: Mania or Ministry?

Facebook researchers found that smartphone users check their Facebook news feed 14 times a day. Here's how you can use Facebook for outreach.

woman climbing mountain

The Value of the Struggle That Will Not End

If you're wondering what's the point of an illness or financial battle or challenge where there's no relief in sight, Wendy Alsup offers some insight from the Bible to encourage you.

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