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Sarah Bessey

Faith Sees God's Hand in Good Times, Bad Times

When Sarah Bessey was doing research for her book, she discovered good and bad stories about women who loved God. What do you do with those stories of women used by God who died broken, alone and unmourned?

woman praying

Step Into the Realm of Glory

Getting there is not easy or painless. But the suffering we endure is nothing compared to the glory God has prepared for us.

woman eating chocolate

Is Lack of Self-Control Driving You to Eat?

Does the sight of a delicious pastry weaken your resolve to eat healthy? Struggling with your diet? Dr. Kara Davis reveals the key to freedom from overeating. 

African American, White Woman

Overcome the Power of Prejudice

Although it's rarely acknowledged, prejudice is clearly prevalentĀ—even in the church. God is looking for a generation that will scale every dividing wall.

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