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woman worshipping

5 Keys to Worship That Bring Heaven Down

She was considered the least likely to succeed, yet God raised her up to bring in a new sound of worship. Here are five keys that helped Darlene Zschech usher in the sound of heaven.

woman moving

When God Says 'Change What You're Doing'

Being completely available to God puts you in the zone of the unknown. Here's how God responded to one family that made themselves available to Him.

woman in church

Life in the Back Row of Church

This woman's last Sunday with her husband before they divorced took place in the back row of her church. Here's how God stepped in when she learned of her husband's unfaithfulness.

young man with a hoodie on

Can a Gang Member Reflect the Image of God?

This woman discovered that she had assigned more value to a person's life because of her perception of how much they carried God's image. Here's how God convicted her of prejudice.
African American family

The Power of a Mother's Legacy

Did you know that you're building a legacy everyday for the future? What legacy are you leaving for the world?

mad woman

Can Christians Cuss?

 Here's the message we send when we accept certain levels of profanity. 

Anne Graham Lotz

The Mothers of The Bible

 The moms in the Bible were imperfect yet they changed their world. Here's how your faith in God makes an impact for future generations.

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