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family playing in the snow

Make Room for Joy

The holiday season can be a hectic time with performances, shopping and traveling. Author and blogger Sarah Bessey gives a fresh reminder to take a minute to enjoy the small things.

child crying in mother's arms

Letting Go of the Bully in You

Our kids can bear the pain of our parenting style. Here's Rachel's story of how God revealed the bully in her and her road to freedom.

two woman talking

4 Ways to Evaluate Female Friendships

Some friends are meant to be in your life for a season. Are you putting too much work into a friendship meant for a season in your life? Lisa Bevere shares her wisdom on friendships.

woman in poverty

Finding God's Grace for the Unlovable

Your perspective could be flawed when you can't tolerate certain people in your life. Here's how God changed Christy Fitzwater's perspective of the unbearable people in her life.

upset woman in Santa costume

When the Perfect Christmas Goes Bad

Do you have a picture of the perfect Christmas dinner? Steve Estes' wife, Verna, had that portrait in her mind. Here's what God showed Steve through Verna's yuletide log.

Kathy Gray

3 Ways to Keep Your Fire Burning in Hard Times

Are you going through a challenging season in your life and wondering if the fire of God is still burning in your heart? Here's how to keep the fire of God alive during a dark time.

couple starting over

Writing the Next Chapter of Your Life

Starting over is never easy. Here's Jennifer Stafford's story of how she and her husband bounced back after closing a chapter in ministry.

woman worshipping

When Your Prophetic Journey Meets With Spiritual Warfare

From her encounter with Gabriel to her experience at Pentecost, Mary's journey parallels that of any woman who pursues God's promises for her life. Learn how Mary overcame the spiritual warfare on her prophetic journey.


Celebrate Emmanuel Being With Us

The greatest gift for Christmas is Christ with us. Celebrate His presence that has brought life, healing, restoration and so much more every day of the year. Celebrate Emmanuel, God with us!

woman crying

Fighting Loneliness During Christmas

The holiday season can be a lonely time that amplifies the loss of loved ones. If you've lost someone or miss a loved one, Wendy Alsup has some encouragement for you.

woman seeking direction

3 Warnings in Discerning God's Will

Everyone wants to know God's will for their life. It's not that hard, according to blogger Laura Krokos. Here's how you can know God's will right now.
Aimee Semple McPherson

The Legacy of a Miracle

Doctors told Coleman Phillips’ grandmother she had six months to live. But during a service at Angelus Temple, Aimee Semple McPherson spoke a word of healing and she lived another 50 years, powerfully impacting the future of her family.


How Do You Treat People With Problems?

Are you intimidating or accepting of people who have problems? Pastor Sam Storms challenges us to examine our hearts towards people who are different from us.

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