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scared girl

Scriptures for When Your Child is Scared

The enemy terrorizes children with dread through movies, games or people who scar them for life. Here are scriptures to speak over the children in your life to break the power of fear.

Holy Spirit

Moving From the Called to the Chosen

There's a distinct difference between the called and the chosen. The decision is in our hands for whether we will become one of the chosen.

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Finding Freedom Through Surrender

There's one way that you can gain freedom from the influence of the world. Here's how you can be free to completely respond to God without reservation.
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Just Do It!

Does God get mad at you if you fail when you step out in faith? Here's some insight that will encourage you.

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What Kind of Spouse Would Jesus Be?

Over half of Christian marriages end in divorce, according to the Barna Group. Here's how we can stem the tide of rampant divorce.

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Stop Comparing Your Kids

Sharing the great things God has done with your children can backfire on you. Here's some wisdom for talking about your child's achievements.

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When the Bible Makes Me Mad

Have you read something in the Bible that makes you mad? Here's how you should respond when a scripture trips you up.

Debora M. Coty

Discovering You're Old

Are you close to or over the halfway mark of your life? Here's a humorous take on hitting that milestone.

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Honor Releases Godly Love

Walking in love becomes easier when we esteem the value of every individual in the eyes of God.

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