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woman reading bible

Hold On to Your Promise From God

Has God promised you something and you're still waiting for the fulfillment? Here's a lesson from Mary who gave birth to Jesus.

Holy Spirit

Who Is This Holy Spirit?

The Scriptures describe the Holy Spirit as possessing all the essential characteristics of God. He is no more and no less than God Himself.

praying woman

6 Keys to Preparing for Revival

If you're asking God to consume you with a holy passion for His presence, look out. He has to prepare the altar of sacrifice first—and His methods could be uncomfortable.

woman armed

Prepare for Battle

We will encounter fierce opposition when we dare to walk in faith. But victory is ours when God anoints us with His power.

Jennifer Kennedy Dean

There is Power in the Blood

In going to the cross, Jesus Christ reconciled mankind to a Holy God. Today, his sacrifice offers us even more than salvation.

woman at sunrise

4 Keys to Restoring Intimacy With God

Don't let past negative experiences keep you from expressing the feminine aspect of your nature. God made you to enjoy giving and receiving love.

Michelle Mangold

A Lesson on Trusting God From a Horse

God can use anything to teach us about faith. Here's an unforgettable lesson of faith that Michelle Mangold learned from her horse.

mom and son

5 Principles to Disciplining Your Kids

There has been controversy over certain styles of disciplining your children. Author and mom Wendy Alsup offers a different take on discipline from a biblical perspective.

career woman

Glorify God With Your Gift

You shouldn't let the gift God has given you lie dormant. Find out what it is, and use it for His glory!

girl gives gift

How to Have a Missional Christmas

Is Christ really the center of your Christmas? Melissa Bradley gave up buying some high-end hair-care products so she could distribute grocery gift cards. Here's what happened during her God adventure of giving.


Parents Beware: Your Child May Be Next

Human trafficking is taking place right under our nose. Author Dabney Hedegard tells us the back story of how a child becomes a human-trafficking victim.
Kathy Gray

Faith That Makes a Decision

Indecisiveness can hold you back in your walk with God. Author and pastor Kathy Gray shares how faith is the power to make a decision to live for God. 

woman looking at guy

Are You a Female Chauvinist?

God is unlocking doors of influence for women that have never been open. But is this at the cost of the cultural pressure to demean men? Blogger Rosalind Jukic reveals this trend of making a caricature of men.

Break the Drought Over Your Life

Are you in a drought of finances or relationships, or is God's presence nowhere to be found in your life? Here's how you can break the famine.

Women in Pain: Dealing With Depression

Depression can be magnified during the holidays. Here are some tips for dealing with it or responding to friends or loved ones who are depressed.

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