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What God Treasures

Jesus came to for one purpose. Here's what He values.

women praying for each other

Why Women Need Each Other

God is moving women to the forefront in every area of leadership. Many of them are being equipped and empowered through their relationships with other women.


8 Things That Christian Teens Value

Dr. Kathy Koch met with some pre-teens and teens and they came up with this list. You might be surprised with their answers.

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The Silent Goliath in the Church

There is a giant in the church today that is destroying health, killing dreams and stealing the potential of God's people.

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When Submission to Your Husband Turns Into Abuse

Autumn Miles' first husband turned the 'submit to your husband' scripture into abuse. Here's what the Holy Spirit revealed to Autumn about the biblical truth of submission from that experience.

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How to Change Your Future

If you don't like the way your life is going today, you can change your tomorrow by changing your words.

working woman

10 Ways to Wait on God

If you're in the waiting room of life—waiting to be healed, to get a job, get married, etc.—read this.

woman soldier

"I Saw an Army of Women!"

Throughout history, God has called many women to rise up and bring deliverance and healing to their lands and nation(s).

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A Simple Prayer for Mothers and Children Worldwide

We know that 1 in 39 women are at risk to die in childbirth in sub-Saharan Africa this year. Moreover, pregnancy and childbirth are the leading cause of death for girls age 15-19 worldwide.

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5 Signs of a Strong Friendship

If you go from one dysfunctional relationship to another, here are the signs of a healthy friendship.

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