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teen mom

How God Transformed 1 Teen Mom's Life

She had her first baby after meeting a biker at a bar. Since then, she got married, and God is raising her up to be a voice to Australia.

mom under stress

The Myth of the Perfect Mom

Moms are under pressure to be the perfect Christian mom. Here's why we need to stop trying to achieve this unattainable status.

mad teenage boy

When Your Teen is Out of Control

The teen years are the most stressful for families. Here's how to navigate those years without scarring your teenager with words spoken from frustration.

woman looking up praying

Will You Dare to Pray This Prayer?

Whether you are in the Promised Land or the desert, you still need this from God. But are you bold enough to say the prayer?

woman kissing man in hospital

Why Your Pain Is Not Meaningless

In the trials you face this week, look to the Father of compassion in expectation of comfort—and then do this.

man screaming at woman

5 Tips for Navigating Confrontational Conversations

You delay an important talk because you hate confrontation. Delay will most likely worsen the situation. Here are five tips for having the dreaded but needed conversation from a godly perspective.

woman looking up

What Do You Want Me to Do Now, Lord?

Should you be stepping out in faith or waiting on the Lord? Seeking more counsel or searching more Scripture? Are you discontent or being moved by the Spirit?

single mom

3 Ways to Break Free From 'New Mommy Syndrome'

When she made the transition from being single to becoming a new mom, she found herself without friends. Here's how she broke out of the isolation that's common for new moms.

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