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A Woman's Place in Christ

For too long the church has devalued the role and the ministry of women. Are you ready to step up to the place Jesus has prepared for you?

Bo Stern

Answering God's Call to Lead in a Church

Do you believe God has called you to lead but you're in a church that doesn't allow women to speak? Bo Stern knows the journey. Here's her story of how God led her into pastoring.

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God's Work in Shattered Dreams

What do you do if the dream of being reconciled with your husband doesn't materialize? Here's how God stepped into one woman's life when she learned her husband had an affair and didn't want to reconcile.

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Shake Us to Wake Us

Are you experiencing instability or unexpected challenges? Here's some insight on what God is doing in your life now.

God's Peace During a Snowstorm

A routine drive home from the office turned into a nightmare for Anne Graham Lotz. Here's how God stepped in during an unexpected snowstorm.

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God's Call to a Task You Enjoy Doing

Are you worried that God may be calling you to do something you hate to do? Here's how God can call you to do a simple task that you love to do.

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Are You On God's Timetable?

What we need most is the ability to discern the will of God every day, in every situation.


How to Handle Your Call to Lead When You're a Woman

In the workplace, as well as in the church, basic leadership principles are the same for men and women. But when youÂ’re a woman with men under your authority, there are several things you need to keep in mind.

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