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Mothering: Your Marvelous Ministry

No matter what season your mothering is in, whether it's the diaper-changing years, the education years or the letting-go years, once you are a mother, you carry that ministry in your heart throughout your lifetime.
Rachel Held Evans

What I Had in Common With Rachel Held Evans

Perhaps the church would be better off if we called a moratorium on our inner debating, if only for a short while, to truly empathize with the grieving, hurting, doubting and searching that our Christian neighbors across the theological aisle are facing right now.

Your Never-Fail Beauty Treatment

A clean-up job was begging. But instead, I covered it with the busyness of life, hoping no one would notice the blemishes that stained inside.

What Does God Think About Spanking Your Child?

Celebrating Mother's Day brings pleasant memories for moms along with some persistent questions, like the appropriateness of spanking in our hyper-politically correct culture.
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