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mom and son

Making Your Faith Sticky

Christian parents can get hopeless as they watch their children choose not to follow their faith when they grow up. Here's what makes Christianity sticky for your kids.

woman against wall

Why You Feel Empty

If you're rushing through your day with a nagging sense that you're missing something, here's what you're missing.

woman praying

3 Reasons You Really Need Jesus Today

You can sing Jesus Loves Me, but it's more than a song. You wonder if life can be different. You wonder if it's just enough to respect who Jesus was. Do you really need Him?

woman breaking out of box

Take the Limits Off

Here's one thing that most people struggle with that's like a drug and holds you back from fulfilling God's purpose.

woman looking at sunrise

When God's Presence Is Terrifying

This is the one reason why you may not want His presence. And yet because of this reason, you need Him more than ever.

woman praying

How I'm Standing for My Gay Child's Salvation

Ultimately, the choices that my daughter makes will be hers and hers alone to decide. But the God I know will be with her every step of the way, and He won't ever give up on her either.

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