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religious woman praying

Take Off the Mask

Here's why you can be transparent and authentic with God.

Kendra Turner

Pray for Kendra

The phrase "bless you" is on a list of banned sayings according to 17-year-old Kendra Turner. She was suspended for saying that in class. Here's why we need to pray for schools.

teenager and parent in fight

When Your Teenager is Disrespectful

Most parents dismiss disrespect from a teen as a their need for independence. Here's how to discern the reason for their disrespect.

woman in church

How God's Heart Breaks

Here's how God's heart is broken and what we can do to attract His presence.

couple getting married

Loving As God Does in a Marriage

Our culture makes 'love' such an easy to word to say. Do you really love your significant other? Here's some insight that the Holy Spirit gave him about love in a marriage.

woman looking for direction

What to Do When You Have No Answers

The solution to the problems in your life may be much easier to find than you realize. Here's how one woman found her answer after running out of options.

woman trying to hide

Your Battle Scars Don't Define You

A scar, illness or disability doesn't disqualify you from God moving through you. Here's how God uses the seasons in our lives that leave scars for His glory.

lonely woman

When You Feel Alone

There was a woman in the Bible who experienced being lonely as she was banished. Here's how God stepped into her loneliness.

woman opening door

Launch Your Adventure by Saying Yes to God

One woman made a decision to say yes to God everyday when she woke up. Here's the grand adventure God took her on that broke a destructive pattern in her life.

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