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depressed woman

When You Need Medication

Some Christians think that taking medication is a sign that you don't have faith to be healed. Here's why you should take your medicine.

hopeless woman

How Hope Will Find You

When hope seemed out of reach, here's how God broke in with life and freedom for one woman.

praying church

Are We 'Praying' the Price?

We will not see the move of God we long for unless it is preceded by a prayer movement. Are we "praying" the price?

pregnant woman and husband

The Barren Are About to Give Birth

Today I heard God speak and He said, "The barren are about to give birth!" The wait is over, the kingdom of God is at hand, and the manifestation of the waiting is about to be revealed.

woman looking up

How Does God See You?

Do you see God as the great judge who is pointing out everything you're doing wrong? Here's how God may really see you.

woman reading Bible

What Does Jesus Say About Women?

Many critics of women in the ministry point to Paul to support their stand. But let's take a look at Jesus' view.

working woman

Your Calling Will Find You

What career shall you choose? The first step is to figure out what talents God has given you.

woman at sunrise

How to Let Go of Guilt

"I think so many times we find ourselves in church carrying around more weight from guilt and condemnation than we do freedom and forgiveness!"

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