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woman crying

When the Holidays Hurt

The most joyous time of the year can be the most painful. Here's how a woman bounced back when her heart was broken during the holidays.

stressed out mom with kids

How a Mom Overwhelmed by Responsibilities Can Find God

I clearly remember sitting at my desk chatting with my dad on Skype. Tears ran down my cheeks as I explained how starved I was for just one morning where I could get alone with God without a screaming baby to interrupt me.

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The Power of Accountability

A woman discovers how her family's involvement in organized crime opened the door to strongholds of sin in the nation.

Anne Graham Lotz

How Billy Graham Passed His Faith Onto His Children

Billy Graham didn't leave the responsibility of passing his faith onto his children to the pastors or children's ministry workers. Here's how he passed his faith onto his children and children's children.

Bo and Steve Stern

The Holiness of Being Still

Bo Stern has candidly shared with us the ups and downs of walking with her husband, Steve, as he fights a disease with no cure. This month he is going to hospice. 

women arguing

When People Hate You

Have you wondered why someone hates you without cause? Here's what the Bible says about hating your brother or sister in Christ.

woman crying

Getting to the Other Side of Grief

Isaiah tells me that Jesus was a man familiar with grief and sorrow, and when Jesus wept the original language describes for us the type of weeping that is from the stomach; you know, the kind that doubles you over.

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The Gift of Failure

What thoughts and feelings come to mind when you think of the word "failure"? My guess is that the word "gift" didn't come to mind. But in reality failure is a gift.


6 Ways to Handle Loss

If you're experiencing loss of a job or loved one, here's some wisdom on how to walk through that valley in your life.

women arguing

3 Ways to Kill Friendship

The holiday season is a stressful time for relationships. Here's a reminder on what we need to watch for in our friendships.

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Dreams, Goals and Work That Lasts

Search your heart today. Are you disappointed? Disillusioned? Discouraged? What did you think would bring you happiness?

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