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Words That Pack Power

The words you speak are landing somewhere for eternity. What impact are your words making?

girl eating chocolate

Resist the Crave

Teresa Shields Parker lost over 250 pounds by not giving in to her craving. Here's how you can resist the urge to indulge.

woman in transition

When God Takes You on a Detour

Faith is a journey that takes unexpected winds and turns in the road. Here's how to look to God when life doesn't make sense.

person walking into hell

The Danger of Truth Dying

Embellishing the facts looks harmless until it leads you down a dangerous road. Here's how to prevent deception.

Ellen Stumbo

Where Churches and Disability Meet

There are churches that are effectively serving people with disabilities. For churches that don't know where to start, here are some resources.

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5 Signs of a Bad Diet

We're inundated by misinformation when it comes to dieting. Here are five signs that a diet won't work.

the cross

A Call to Sacrifice

Next week is Holy Week. Here's a reminder about our first call and the meaning of Easter.

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How God Remembers You

Our earthly sense of fairness isn't always in sync with God's ways. But be assured, God never wastes His servants, nor will He forget their suffering.

older woman showing compassion to younger woman

Struggling With Singleness and Infertility

Being single was a struggle for this woman, and then God brought a man into her life. Now she is fighting infertility. Here's how God stepped into the struggles.

Shannon Deitz

The Best Way to Prevent Child Abuse

April is Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. Here's the best way you can help prevent child abuse, shared by a woman who has overcome abuse.

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