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Felicity Dale

Heroine of the Faith: Jessie Penn-Lewis

Jessie Penn-Lewis was involved in the Welsh revival. Although God moved in her ministry, here's how she dealt with prejudice against women in the pulpit.

Susie Larson

Proclaim His Power

You have one of the most powerful weapons of spiritual warfare in your hands.

Pornography keyboard

Why Trying Harder Doesn’t Always Work

Discover how, when correctly equipped with the right weapons, men can defeat the enemy and live victoriously and free from sexual bondage.

Father and son

4 Big Fathering Mistakes to Avoid

As fathers, we can be well-intentioned and love our children but still mess up big-time. Find out what to do to avoid that.

Tina and Teddy Campbell, Faye Pama Musa

Salacious Stories Sell, but Martyrdom Hardly Motivates

Pointing out two articles that received differing attention, Michael Brown discusses why he is troubled that all too often, we are drawn to the sensational stories rather than to the stories with substance.

Romantic couple

8 Things Women Want From Men

Discover what’s Todd Mayfield says are some of the most basic things men can share with their women to make them feel loved.

A Special Gift

While leading one of the fastest-growing churches in the nation, Jeremy and Jen DeWeerdt were forced to re-evaluate their lives when their son was born with Down syndrome. What they discovered has since changed their community.

woman with calculator

Why You're Broke

Does money seem to slip through your hands? Or has God blessed you financially with a raise or bonus, but you don't see the benefit? Here's some wisdom from Gregory Dickow on overcoming financial stress.

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