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money and marriage

Navigating Finances as a Couple

Financial arguments are strong indicators of divorce. Find out how you can avoid conflict in your marriage by heading-off money problems. 

colorful gift packages

Good and Perfect Gifts

Amid its descriptions of trials and testings, the book of James reveals the bestowing of God's wisdom and grace for every circumstance.


Model Gives Thanks Despite Airplane Accident

Model Lauren "Lolo" Scruggs lost her eye and hand in an airplane accident. This thanksgiving she is thankful for her redefined understanding of true beauty. Read her touching story. 
Man in the Mirror

Get in the Leadership Game

Leading is a team sport in men’s ministry, so don’t try to handle everything by yourself.

Successful man

The Gifts That Keep on Giving

Men, while discovering five steps to finding your spiritual gifts, a whole new world will be opened to you.

Men Strides

The Five Basic Strides

Discover some essentials on how to master the objectives of biblical manhood.

Charisma — Empowering believers for life in the Spirit