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Why Are So Many Churchgoers Lonely?

There is more than one kind of poverty. Many believers are hungry for the sense of belonging that genuine fellowship provides. So why are so many churchgoers lonely. Find out. 

Jermaine Hamwright

G.O.L.F. Into Your Purpose

Never let your perceived flaws stop you from going after your dreams, your goals or your aspirations


An Open Letter to Atheists This Christmas Season

Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire suggests American atheists should count their blessings as their counterparts in Islamic nations suffer persecution and discrimination of all sorts.

Lauren Scruggs

Fashion Blogger Thanks God for Accident

Fashion blogger Lauren Scruggs championed physical beauty. Her accident caused her to rely on God and gave her different message for young women.

End Times Man Confused

Are These the End Times?

We cannot know for sure whether we’re close to Christ’s return. But, we do need to be prepared.


How Student Debt Has Become Perverse

U.S. student debt levels are surging, but along with degrees and skills the loans are producing perverse incentives and unforeseen economic consequences.

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