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Healthy Eating: Simpler Than You Think

Our goal is to live a healthier lifestyle. Why is it as difficult for us to figure out how to eat healthier meals as it is to find the time to exercise.

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Bad News About Childhood TV Watching and Adult Criminality

TV has never been a good babysitter. But a new study shows that children who watch a lot of television have a significantly higher chance of criminal conviction by early adulthood, as well as other alarming stats.

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Why It's So Easy to Misrepresent Christ at Work

Like it or not, people are watching you, even when you're at work. Is your character pointing others to Jesus? Find out how easily it is to misrepresent Christ at work.  

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Real Men Shun Abortion Idea

When the majority of men are providers and protectors, abortion will likely become increasingly rare.

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How to Walk in God's Blessing

Do you feel like you're barely breaking even? Or you're living from paycheck to paycheck? Here's the key to break that cycle.

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Make Date Night a Priority

Valentine’s Day and your anniversary are not the only times you should remember to date your wife.

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