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We Are Being Groomed

The ongoing debates about the COVID-19 vaccine mandate could give hints about another "mark" forced upon us soon.

Jesus is Sweeter Than Sugar

Sugar is sweet but it can also be deadly to your health and your faith in God if uncontrollable.

We Must Fight for Freedom

The time to act is now for Christian Americans who want to protect the freedoms God has given us.

Christians and Politics

Many believe the government can solve our problems but God has called the church to do this.

Jerusalem Matters

Jerusalem is being placed in another dangerous situation again and it will affect this precious city and the U.S.

What is Love?

A season of singleness can prepare your heart for God's chosen mate for you!

The Myth of Coexistence

Coexisting sounds like a great idea, if everyone involved believed in it.

Choose to Be Healed

Miraculous healing isn't just from Jesus' time; it can happen now!

Rescued For a Reason!

Her story will bring you to tears about God's provision and her willingness to follow Him in danger.

Anger Management

To God, anger is best when it matches what angers God.
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