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mom that needs help

When Mom Needs Help

Sometimes reading your Bible and praying isn't enough to help you through your challenges. Here's what you need to do.

woman looking up

How to Get God's Attention

A mom with a baby and toddler is in severe pain. She cries out to God and what happened is a demonstration of how He wants to be involved in your life.
woman stretching

How to Divide Between Soul and Spirit

She thought she lived a Spirit-led life until the Holy Spirit revealed to her how she depended on herself when she made major decisions. 

constant change

When You Don't Want to Be Here

We waste time when we're going through the motions because we're not fully engaged with what we're doing now. Here's how to make space for those moments you want to exit your circumstances.

desperate woman

Why Women Get Desparate

Here's the antidote for the force that drives women to become desperate for love.

Sexual hurt

How God Can Heal Your Sexual Hurt

God's grace is greater than our sin or sadness. Here's what he can do for you emotionally when it comes to the area of sex.

Why World Vision Changed Its Mind On Hiring Gays

The $1 billion charity stunned the evangelical world a year ago when it announced it would hire gay Christians in same-sex marriages. Is this its latest move "to the left" and should you still support them?

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