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Are You Battling This 21st Century Greed?

Our smartphones and social media addiction has created a lust for likes, accolades and shares. Here's what God spoke to one woman about this lust.

Dad and daughter

What to Do When Daughter Disaster Strikes

Life isn't always a ray of sunshine, and it sometimes hands you some unexpected twists when it comes to your 'baby girl.' Here's how to deal with such adversity.

Overweight woman

The Enemy Wants You Overweight

Why should we be surprised that he is still using our hunger as temptation for his benefit to steal, kill and destroy?

Hispanic family

Is My Child Limited By Me?

Training a child to use their abilities, talents and resources to make Jesus known is a major responsibility.

woman looking over cubicle

Your Ability Doesn't Define You

We label ourselves with our education, careers and achievements. Yet God's label is connecting to something else.


7 Currencies of the Kingdom of God

The world's currency is different from our unlimited God. Here's what you need to do business in the kingdom of God.

woman in grief

When You Don't Know What to Say

I'm sharing this today so that others will know they're not alone in this fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

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