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depressed woman

What To Do If You Have No Faith

Do you pretend to have faith by mechanically confessing scriptures, or should you share your doubts with God? Here's what one woman learned about the reality of faith.

10 Golden Rules for Meaningful Millennial Relationships

Many millennials feel lost in the constantly evolving world of relationships. Whether with friends, family or a romantic relationship, here are some things to keep in mind as you strive to practically live out God-centered relationships.

woman with toddler

Why You Shouldn't Strive to be 'Normal'

A pastor's wife pens this heart-wrenching letter to a new baby girl. If you don't fit in or have struggled with trying to be like someone else, read this.

pray for Israel

Will We Ever See Peace in Jerusalem?

Every day we're hearing reports of the conflict in Israel, but the Holy Spirit gave Anne Graham Lotz a revelation about when peace will finally come.

Communicating your needs to each other tend to make for a happier marriage.

5 Things Husbands Wish Wives Knew

It's no secret that there is a wide emotional gap between men and women. Here are some things that can help close it.

Church, health, blood pressure

Does Faith in God Really Combat Sickness?

Does praying, Bible study and attending weekly services really have an effect on a person's health? A new study and a miracle-working cardiologist offer answers.

Michael Brown

How Should We Be Living?

Michael Brown intends to bring a wake-up call and sound an alarm, as he takes the trumpet to his lips: How should we be living today?

Cancer survivors

Are We Winning the War on Cancer?

The number of cancer survivors in America may surprise you, but the number of projected survivors in the next 10 years is even more encouraging.

business woman

How God Used a Woman Despite Her Weaknesses

She was called proud, disobedient and a troublemaker. Yet her organization sent her on the mission field despite her apparent weaknesses. This is a testimony of how God wants to use you despite your limitations.

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