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God's Eternal Purpose

Pastor Terri Crist tells us how to step into the eternal purpose of God.

Angry man

4 Health Dangers of Anger

The Bible says anger itself is not a sin. But, find out what damage it can do to God’s temple, a.k.a., your body.

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Honesty and Truth Will Always Overcome Darkness

Being transparent about your weakness can be uncomfortable. Author and blogger Wendy Alsup shares how her doctor's transparency and the honesty of a group of women changed her.

Rebecca Stepusin

Rare: One Family’s Faithful Journey Through Cancer

Rebecca Stepusin’s cancer diagnosis was nearly devastating for her family. Find out how the Stepusin’s faith in God, however, held it together and became even stronger in the face of death.

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Hold On to Your Promise From God

Has God promised you something and you're still waiting for the fulfillment? Here's a lesson from Mary who gave birth to Jesus.

Woman comforting another

Every Man Ministries: Dealing with Divorce

God doesn’t want to see marriages end. But because of human will, it does happen. If you’re a believer and you know someone who’s going through it, here’s how God would want you to act toward that person.

Holy Spirit

Who Is This Holy Spirit?

The Scriptures describe the Holy Spirit as possessing all the essential characteristics of God. He is no more and no less than God Himself.

How to Define and Measure Success on God's Terms

Peter Greer defied conventional wisdom and created a successful business from an idea that God gave him. Then he had a rude awakening that changed his definition of success.

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6 Keys to Preparing for Revival

If you're asking God to consume you with a holy passion for His presence, look out. He has to prepare the altar of sacrifice first—and His methods could be uncomfortable.

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