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7 Honest Questions You Need to Ask About Your Marriage

Marriage takes work, yet most couples invest more energy maintaining a car than they do the most important earthly relationship they have. However much time you've spent improving your marriage, here are seven check-up points to keep it thriving.

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Is Grace a License to Sin?

With the message of hypergrace flooding the church, it's time to rightly divide the Word of truth.

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Are You a Spiritual Baby?

Adult-sized babies in the church can wreak havoc. Here's why we need spiritual maturity.

Stress Is a Good Thing?

Too much stress and you break down; too little stress and you never get going. Learn how appropriate stress levels help you make "perfect" music in your life.

God admonishes us to love our enemies, even in traffic.

Quiz: Are You a Closet Christian Road-Rage-Aholic?

If you’re someone who deals with road rage, rest assured that your behavior as a Christian is being monitored by everyone. Here are some Scriptures and suggestions to help you behave in a godly manner.

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When Children Pay For Our Success

 It's easy to forget about the importance of our role as a mother in our culture that prizes achievement. Here's how to protect yourself from that temptation.

Solving the Adoption Crisis

How churches are affecting our nation's adoption and foster-care crisis—and how you can help

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