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Step into the Impossible

You were designed to carry the divine and miraculous. Learn how to step into the impossible.

A decent amount of exercise can help you overcome adrenal exhaustion.

How to Re-Energize Your Tired Body

Did you know stress contributes to throwing your hormones and brain out of balance? Discover seven simple steps to overcome adrenal exhaustion.

College debt

5 Ways to Limit College Debt

Obviously, you don’t want your kids to start out life in debt, and college costs are a big contributor. Find out how you can shrink those financial burdens.

Salmon is rich in vitamin B.

Study: Vitamin B Lessens Risk of Stroke

A new study rebukes former conclusions that taking vitamin B actually increases the risk of stroke. Find out why those findings have been reversed.

How do you bring happiness into your wife's life?

How Do You Know When Your Wife Is Happy?

Men, your wife's happiness should be one of the utmost priorities in your marriage. Since actions speak louder than words, here are some surefire ways to make her feel loved.

woman praising

Have Revival in Your Heart

Revival is a glorious state we all want to experience. But true revival doesn't begin in the church; it begins in our hearts.

Everyday father

10 Ways to Be a More Involved Dad

Find out how regular hands-on investments make a difference in helping your children avoid risky and foolish behaviors.

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