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girl in poverty

Why Christians Are Broke

Sometimes telling people about Jesus is meaningless when the abundant life isn't being lived out in front of them.

Joel Hunter

How Gender Wars Affect Your Marriage

Both men and women are giving up on commitment to one another, let alone an ideal marriage. What can we do to reverse this growing trend?

Exercise is even more important past the age of 50.

6 Myths About Fitness After 50

Find out why experts say there is no medical reason for people slow down physically after hitting the big “five-oh.”

'Grand Theft Auto V'

'Grand Theft Auto' as a Reflection on the State of the Nation

Despite the Navy Yard massacre Monday, the new Grand Theft Auto V is expected to generate $1 billion in sales in its first month. Michael Brown explains what this means for our society—and how else you can spend your time.


How to Claim Your Place as a King's Daughter

We come into the kingdom as we are, but God's plan is to transform us into the women we are destined to be—the woman we want to be. Start your journey to becoming the woman God has called you to be.

Are you allowing God to set you free from life's burdens?

How to Lay Aside the Weight

How can you experience freedom from the issues with your body that are weighing you down? Find out how to get started with biblical principles.

Family man

Are You an Authentic Man?

The foundation of manhood is being redefined. What can we, as believing men of God, do to reverse the trend?

Lisa Bevere

Preach It, Sister!

These women aren't letting their gender stop them from being powerful preachers of the gospel.

woman praying earnestly

The Power of a Small Plea

Here's how God answers when you're considered incurable by doctors or beyond hope.

mom holding baby and talking on phone

Moms, Don't Quit

You're exhausted from working and taking care of the kids. You're ready to quit being a mommy. Before you quit, author Megan Breedlove has some encouragement for you.

woman climbing mountain

4 Keys to How God Brings Transition

No matter what kind of transition you are involved in presently, stepping into your new season takes time, patience and preparation.

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