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orphan girl

An Orphan's Story of Survival

When L.A. Muse wrote her story of abandonment, abuse and rejection, she discovered God's faithfulness and the power of forgiveness. Here's a snapshot of her book, which is being hailed as a "literary gem" by critics.

family in India on laptop

How One Woman Used Facebook to Take the Gospel to India

Have you ever wanted to be a missionary to unreached people groups? Now you can evangelize from the comfort of your laptop. Blogger and author Laura Krokos stumbled on an easy way to evangelize online.

Fit for life

The Secret to Being Fit for Life

The answer to becoming fit for life doesn’t lie in the pages of a best-selling book or a fitness program. But it is yours for the taking.

woman speaking

3 Steps to God Fulfilling His Promises

Do you think God's promises are a fantasy because you've waited so long for the fulfillment of His Word? Be encouraged! Here are some steps you can take to move forward into God's promises for your life.

scared girl

The Snake in the Bedroom

Teresa Shields Parker struggled with her weight most of her life. God showed her the weight gain began with a dark secret.


When Being Called ‘Evil’ Is a Kindness

We are in a spiritual war for our culture. It is a war between good and evil, and surrender is not an option. Matt Barber adds fuel to your fire in his bold word of the week.

single mom with son

Single Moms: How God Walks With You

As a single mom, you may feel the odds are against you. But with the help of God, you can raise up the next generation for Christ. 

girl looking at guy

How to Prepare for a Godly Man

If you're single and attracted to someone in your church, what do you do? Learn some practical principles for stepping into the dating scene.

Man in the Mirror Founder and CEO Patrick Morley

Patrick Morley: How God Makes Men

In his new book, How God Makes Men, Man in the Mirror Founder and CEO Patrick Morley shares powerful principles about biblical manhood. Find out how you can get the book.

young Chinese woman

Find the Beauty of Godliness in You

We're bombarded with messages emphasizing our worth through our physical beauty. Author Michelle MicKinney Hammond shares principles from God's word about finding your worth through God alone.

Stephanie Singer

Showing God's Love to the LGBT Community

Stephanie Singer walked away from church because she was struggling with her sexuality. Here's how God reached Stephanie in her LGBT lifestyle.

Outstretched Hands

Spiritual Danger: Why Christians Shouldn't Practice Yoga

Yoga may seem like an innocent way to get fit, but centuries of spiritual implications lie behind those quirky-named poses. As an alternative, exercise regimens that fuse Scripture meditation with deep stretching are becoming increasingly popular.


Why Authentic Humility Is a Godly Trait

These days, humility and desires to become a better man are being drowned out and stampeded over by self-seeking egos. Discover why humility can be found in a real man.

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