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Estrogen pills

Women: Balance Estrogen for Heart Health

Find out what researchers have discovered to reverse their thoughts on hormone replacement therapy in relation to the health of a woman’s heart.

woman praying

How to Live a Life of Prayer

Is a life of prayer possible? Jennifer Kennedy Dean, executive director of the Praying Life Foundation, shares how we were created to pray.

group of three women

Why Mentor Other Women?

The ministry of mentoring women is not popular, but it's vital to building strong homes and families.

mad teenager

Handling Your Kids That Break Your Mold

You've tried to direct your child in a certain way, but they keep veering off that path. Here's why God may be pulling them in a different direction.

Moonlight water

5 Great Dates for Under $25

The family budget may not stretch as far as it used to. Here are some good ways to cut the cost and keep the romance alive in your marriage.

woman with mouth taped shut

2 Signs of Abusive Church Authority

Does your church authority demand submission? Here are some red flags that your church may be going beyond the boundaries of biblical authority.

couple fighting

Are You in a Gender War?

We could be fighting a war that without knowing about it. Here's how you can could be in a gender war. 


Find Your Treasure in God's Word

If you're serious about knowing God, you'll need to be committed to the study of his Word. Here are some basic tools you'll need for this lifelong venture.

Ellen Stumbo

How God Sent a Divine Airport Connection

What do you do when your flight has been cancelled and you're stranded at an airport in Russia with a newly adopted child who has a disability?

Jim Wolf transformation video

Remember This Viral Video? Meet the Ministry Behind It

When the physical transformation of Jim Wolf found its way onto the Internet via a 2-minute time-lapse video, it went viral. People everywhere watched as Wolf, then a homeless United States Army veteran, miraculously changed into a well-dressed businessman.

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