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Good Luck Charlie

Disney, Please Stop Bowing to Gay Agenda

Disney represents good, fun and wholesome—or at least it did until it started promoting lesbian moms on TV. Please, can't Disney just be Disney?

Girl eating pizza

How to Lose the Hunger

Did you know the more calories you eat, the hungrier you become? Find out why this strange paradox is true.

woman climbing mountain

C.S. Lewis on the Higher Place of Faith

Every believer holds a deposit of heaven inside. But we must discipline our minds daily to reflect on the nature of Christ and what is most essential to faith in Him.


Gender symbols

How to Decipher the Gender Code

God made men and women the way we are. Find out how, if we pay attention and realize the motivations of our spouse’s heart, we can crack the mysterious and often elusive gender code.

woman looking up holding Bible

How to Handle a Prophetic Word

You don't have to play the psychic just because you have a prophetic gift. Encourage others to hear God for themselves.

Dr. Michael Brown

Gov. Christie Signs Discrimination Into Law

Gov. Christie has now become party to government intrusion on doctor-patient relationships, thereby serving as a useful pawn of the gay activist agenda. Will it stigmatize and shame him in the end?

Omega 3 fish oil capsules

Study: Fish Oil Stops Skin, Mouth Cancers

Find out what researchers have discovered in omega-3 fatty acids that have the potential to be used in both the treatment and prevention of these diseases.

woman reading letter

Praying Through the Letters

Gina Turner has battled the loss of health and children. She pours out her experience with God's strength during these battles in her latest book, Praying Through the Letters. Enjoy this excerpt.

woman with hamburger

4 Ways to Feed Your Spirit

Spiritual increase requires commitment and effort. Adherence to these four spiritual disciplines will feed your inner woman what she needs to flourish.

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