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Chia seeds

Chia: More Than Simply a Pet

You’ve most likely heard about the Chia Pet from TV. But discover the tremendous benefits the chia seed has for your body.

Family at the park

10 Ways to Really Love Your Child

Discover why raising godly kids today takes intentionality—the right amount of structure, time, prayers, encouragement and affection.

Too comfortable

Are You Too Comfortable in Your Own Skin?

Oftentimes, we tend to not want to stray from the norm. Discover why it’s a good idea—and the Christian thing to do—to get out of your comfort zone every now and then.

woman climbing mountain

When Obeying God Is Risky

Is God speaking to you right now and you're too scared to step out because of past failure? Brenda J. Davis offers encouragement on how she dealt with this kind of spiritual paralysis.

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