What Beautiful Feet!

To me, not many people's feet are beautiful but to God, all of the feet of His children are beautiful.

The Joy of Following Christ

In spite of the heavy messages to the contrary you may hear from the pulpit, the pursuit of God is a happy--not a glommy--endeavor.

Sin and ill are the false notes struck by man across the harmony of God's will, and to strike upon or even remember such notes is instant banishment from the music of His presence. Where all is joy, there joy is all; and he who has not reached this joy does not know God--he is still a follower, and not a possessor, and he should refuse in his heart to remain satisfied with his condition, but climb on. Why stay behind? Climb on, climb on!

Often I have been mystified and disturbed by the attitude of many religious and pious people who appear to believe that to follow Christ is a way of gloom, of sadness, of heaviness. Often I have gathered from sermons that we are to give up all the bright and enticing things if we would follow Him, and the preacher goes no further!

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