Speak Life and Live

Be health-oriented, speaking health, life and words of hope into your situation.

The Bible tells us that "death and life are in the power of the tongue" (Prov. 18:21, NKJV). Nowhere do these words ring more true than with regard to sickness, disease and recovery. Speak life and you will have life! Speak defeat, illness and failure, and those are what you will receive.

I encourage you not to talk about your health condition 24/7. Don't complain, ask Why me? or become filled with self-pity. Most of all, do not become fearful of your situation or permit hopelessness to set in.

The soul and spirit link to achieving health is frequently overlooked by people dealing with illness. But in order to experience total well-being, you must allow the Holy Spirit to renew your mind, heal your emotions and regenerate your spirit. Instead of suppressing symptoms with harsh drugs that can weaken your body's ability to heal, seek to find the root cause of the condition, correct your eating habits and ask God to deal with your past hurts in order to improve your emotional state.

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Both your internal and your external dialog must be positive. Negative attitudes, emotions and talk not only fail to promote healing but can actually cause disease.

Instead of being disease-oriented, be health-oriented, speaking health, life and words of hope. Speak life to that bad back, stomach ulcer, migraine, high blood pressure. Speak healing!

Remember, the Word of God promises that if you say to your mountain (your disease), "'Be removed and be cast into the sea,'" it will be (Matt. 21:21-22). Make peace with all those who have offended you, and cultivate an attitude of gratitude and faith. There is power in your words, so use them wisely. Also, monitor your thoughts daily.

Take an active part in your wellness and recovery program. Study all you can on your particular health challenge, and make appropriate lifestyle changes to enhance your results. If you glorify God in your body by taking the best care of yourself and in your spirit by meditating on the Word daily, you will have victory.

While you wait, speak life and live! At the same time, follow these four basic steps to building better health: ingest, assimilate, eliminate and strengthen your spiritual life.

Ingest. Eat foods that are unadulterated or as close to the "original" garden as possible, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Decrease or avoid sugars and refined foods. If it does not rot or sprout, do without! Have a "green drink" daily such as Kyo-Green.

Assimilate. Take plant enzymes such as those produced by Enzymedica before and right after meals to aid digestion and help you assimilate food more efficiently, thereby fueling your body completely for optimal healing.

Eliminate. Some health professionals claim we are only as healthy as our ability to assimilate and eliminate properly. Make sure you are eliminating every day. Two to three times a day is ideal. Add fiber to your diet, and drink plenty of water.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, recommended eating whole wheat "for its salutary effect upon the bowels." Take acidophilus or a total probiotic formula for optimal intestinal health.

To further improve elimination, I recommend a good colon cleanse such as Nature's Secret Ultimate Cleanse, which includes herbs to stimulate the colon muscles, herbs to prevent gas, blood purifying botanicals and a fiber source. Or look for blends of any of the following herbs: cascara sagrada (should be the primary herbal), slippery elm, senna, red clover, black walnut, acidophilus, garlic, psyllium hulls, Irish moss, burdock, capsicum, ginger and pumpkin seeds. An herbal blend using these herbs listed will provide nutritional support while stimulating intestinal cleansing and detoxification.

Strengthen your spiritual life. Finally, pray unceasingly (see 1 Thess. 5:17). Prayer is the most successful form of therapy. Whatever you ask in Jesus' name, believe you receive it, and you will (see Mark 11:24). Then speak as though it is already yours--and watch your life become abundant.

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