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God's Greatest Christmas Present

In a season when our focus is on giving and receiving gifts, we must remember the most precious gift of all.

Breaking the Chains

Prison inmates in Houston are finding that the answer to addiction is the power of Christ.

In War's Aftermath

Five years ago the U.S. invaded Kosovo to bring freedom. Today churches there are growing--but Christians who are sharing Christ with the nation's Muslim majority face a challenge.

Do You Have A Thorn in the FLESH?

Even the apostle Paul struggled with the pull of his sin nature. You can allow weaknesses to cripple you, or you can discover the secret of overcoming.

You Can Live On Purpose

Now that you've read The Purpose-Driven Life, where do you go from here? God wants to show you why He made you.

Be Still and Know

Contemplative prayer often has been relegated to ancient church history. But God is restoring it as a means to develop intimacy with Him.

Faith in Uniform

Law enforcement is a dangerous profession. That's why Christian cops take their faith seriously.

They Found His Mercy

Nancy Alcorn didn't just stand on the sidelines and watch troubled girls throw their lives away. She built them a refuge.

Hammer, Nails, Paint and Love

Chris and Mary Provence remodel vacant houses for needy families. Their Christian compassion is renovating Indianapolis.

The Best Place for an Oil Change

With auto mechanics on staff--and its own funeral home--Cedar Park Church in Seattle is redefining how a church can reach a community.

A greasy mechanic bends over the side of a car to replace an oil filter. A well-dressed psychologist reaches across her desk to console a grieving mother. A busy store clerk bags a blue shirt and pants and wishes the customer a good day.

These are snapshots of the changing faces of Cedar Park Church, where the definition of "church" has moved way beyond cushioned pews and Sunday school.

God Spoke Through a Man

For 50 years Bill Hamon has taught Christians how to use the gift of prophecy. But those who speak for God, he says, must learn to submit to His dealings.

Into the Arms of Love

As the number of homeless, abandoned children grows, caring Christians are reaching out with Christ's compassion.

She Chose to Forgive

In 1999, Gladys Staines lost her missionary husband and two young sons in a horrific attack by Hindu extremists. Today she continues her family's ministry to India's forgotten lepers.

Faith Under Fire

President Bush talks with Charisma publisher Stephen Strang and other journalists about the war, the election and his prayer life.

Move Beyond YOUR Failure

Many Christians allow shame to immobilize them. Yet Jesus can remove the reproach of the past.

When Death Draws Near

I face terminal illness every day. Yet I've learned that this is a special time to confront my fears, challenge my doubts and trust my heavenly Father.

Kids Who Fall Through the Cracks

Thousands of American children are caught in the foster care system. But Christians are working hard to place them in loving homes.

Locked in Their Own World

Autism can destroy families. But some parents of autistic children are using Christian faith to help others face this misunderstood condition.

The Priest With Healing Hands

Francis MacNutt has introduced thousands of Christians to miraculous healing. Now 79, he hopes to train an army of healers to take his place.

He's Watching Your Back

Chiropractor Scott Hannen says Christians are unhealthy because of poor lifestyle choices. He wants you to make some serious adjustments.
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