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He's Watching Your Back

Chiropractor Scott Hannen says Christians are unhealthy because of poor lifestyle choices. He wants you to make some serious adjustments.

Ignited by the Spirit

Since R.T. Kendall was touched by the Holy Spirit in 1955, this former Nazarene has become a beacon of charismatic renewal.

We Must Pass the Baton

A generation of Christian leaders is passing from the scene today. If the younger generation is to take their place, we must learn the art of mentoring.

Behind the Black Veil

In the midst of tragedy and persecution, a vibrant underground church is growing in Iran.

Defender of the Little Ones

After her own life had been scarred by abortion, Beverly Kline found Christ and began providing unwed Mohters - adn their babies - with protection and love.

The Power to Heal

Jesus said His followers would lay hands on the sick and see results. DO YOU BELIEVE HIS PROMISE?

Cheerleader for the Lord

Evangelist Joyce Rodgers never runs out of joy. But her positive outlook was forged in the fires of adversity.

Exploring the Land of the Apostles

Because Turkey is the backdrop for so much of the New Testament, traveling there opens a world of biblical understanding.

Jesus With An Iced Latte

Neil Cole traded his pulpit for a patio table at a trendy California coffee shop--and started the first of his unusual churches.

They Are Weak, He is Strong

At a unique Christian children's hospital in Oklahoma, the most fragile kids find a love that only God can provide.

Put Your Money Where God's Heart Is

Not all Christian causes are trustworthy. Here are some guidelines to help you decide whether a ministry deserves your support.

Not Your Grandmother's Pastor

With his tattoos and earring, New York City preacher Rick Del Rio has redefined what it means to be Pentecostal.

Writing His Word on Little Hearts

Since the Ten Commandments aren't welcome in public schools today, Christian publishers have united to instill biblical values in the hearts of kids.

The Lover of Your Soul

Many Christians struggle in their relationship with the Lord because they don't realize that He sincerely desires intimate fellowship.

A Novel Idea

Christian fiction isn't new, but today's faith-inspired novelists have created a new literary genre that has caught the attention of secular publishers.

The Diva Is a Disciple

Seven years ago R&B recording artist Pebbles traded celebrity for a life dedicated to Christ. Today Perri Reid is leading sinners to Jesus from her ministry base in Atlanta.

She Just Won't Quit Giving

People have thrown bricks at Mina Paille to stop her from preaching. But this 80-year-old St. Louis woman can't be stopped.

God At They Symphony

In the sophisticated world of fine arts, classical musicians and professional artists are reaching their peers with the gospel.
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