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Crossing the Color Line in Memphis

In the city where Martin Luther King Jr. was killed, churches are still divided by race. But charismatic congregations are bridging the gap.

Mercy From a Broken Heart

People ran Betty Rushford out of town when her son got AIDS. But before his death, God called her to take Christ's love to victims of the disease.

The Islands Will Worship Him

In Fiji, where Christians have been divided for years, spiritual renewal has engulfed a nation--and its president has publicly led his people in repentance.

Melting Divisions in a Cold Land

In Latvia, where ethnic and religious tension has triggered bloodshed in the past, missionaries Bob and Sharon Perry are calling the church to embrace reconciliation.

Small Nation, Big Faith

In Guatemala--a country of only 14 million--pastor Jorge López broke with small-minded tradition when he built the largest church building in Central America

Love Is Stronger Than Death

In South Africa, where AIDS is claiming millions of lives, Ryan and Gerda Audagnotti are saving children one at a time.

Send the Fire Again

A century after revival touched the world through the tiny nation of Wales, God is stirring faith for another visitation.

Hope Amid the Ruins

War has devastated Afghanistan. Yet today, in spite of the continued influence of the Taliban, an underground Christian movement is growing.

Somebody Loves the Sisters

Two African American women who survived breast cancer have started a ministry to help women who face the dreaded disease.

A Father to the Fatherless

It breaks Joe Loyal's heart that so many kids today don't have two parents. That's why the Georgia retiree now spends all of his time reaching kids in lower-class neighborhoods.

Sometimes Love Comes in Boxes

From a converted Circuit City store in Florida, Ray Hall, a retired Air Force veteran, sends Christian books and Bibles to inmates nationwide.

A Tough Guy With a Tender Heart

Former prizefighter Charlie Muller now fights with devils in Albany, New York--where he uses a converted ambulance to save souls.

The House That Hope Built

Former drug addict Manuel 'Manny' Álvarez is rebuilding lives and transforming the streets of Miami.

Invading the Danger Zone

Most people stay away from gang territory. Roger Minassian saw what violence was doing to youth in Fresno, California, and he ran to their rescue.

Throwing a Party for Jesus

Kentucky evangelist Anne Stephens loves to win souls, but she does it with plenty of food, Christmas presents and loads of fun.

How One Man Unleashed The Porn Plague

When Hugh Hefner founded Playboy 50 years ago, he spearheaded a sexual revolution that church leaders say is devastating society.

Whatever Happened to JUSTICE?

The word justice appears 134 times in the Bible. But it has disappeared from the vocabularies of most Christians.

A Light in Louisiana

Tonja Myles used to deal drugs and sell her body. But after she found Jesus and launched a recovery program for addicts, President Bush introduced her to the world as a hero.

Escape From Satan's Web

Ex-Satanist Jeff Harshbarger now ministers to others caught in the occult's spreading net.

Healing The Trauma Of War

Christian ministries today are scrambling to help military personnel who have been traumatized by the stress of combat.
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