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Diary of a Desperate Housewife

In the Bible, Leah found fulfillment when she stopped looking to her husband, Jacob, for satisfaction and started looking to God.

Healing the Soul of the Motor City

Pastor and gospel music pioneer Marvin Winans aims to revitalize Detroit thruogh the ministry of his Perfecting Church

You Can Be a Reformer

For too long Christians have slept while the devil invaded our culture. God is looking for bold voices to challenge the system.

Prosperity Has Its Place

Our character is revealed in the way we handle the finances God entrusts to us.

The Forgiveness Habit

Our relationships become healthier when we remember the message of the cross.

An Open Letter to Southern Baptists

The issue of spiritual gifts—particularly speaking in tongues—has divided charismatics and Baptists for too long. Can we talk together?

Out of the Baptist Box

Texas pastor Ed Young Jr. doesn’t fit anybody’s mold. He’s comfortable around charismatics and is refreshingly open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The Legacy of a Humble Hero

John Wimber died 10 years ago. Today the Vineyard movement that he started is experiencing both pruning and new growth.

The Gospel & Global Warming

Whether the world’s climate is changing or not, the battle over global warming is heating up. How should the church respond to the environmental crisis?

Hope for the Wounded Soul

Claudia could not believe what she was seeing. Just moments before, her three children had been playing happily in the family room while she fixed lunch. Now her 2-year-old son, Isaac, was dangling eight inches off the ground, eyes glazed, face purple and swollen. He was hanging from the cord of the mini blinds.

Out of the Darkness

Anne Rice, the queen of Gothic fiction, has found Christ and dedicated her writing to God. She recently talked with Charisma about her life and how it changed.

Faith on Film

The upcoming release of C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters is just one sign of the growing influence Christians are having on Hollywood.

The Upside-Down Rock Star

Brian Welch, one of America’s most popular hard-rock artists, traded in his wild ways when he discovered real faith.

Worship Goes Global

The British worship band Delirious is taking their high-octane praise to the nations.

Another Chapter, Another Song

Matthew Ward, once part of the music group 2nd Chapter of Acts, has battled cancer and life's dark times. But his music never stopped.

The Stripper Who Found True Love

After former exotic dancer Heather Veitch found Jesus, she gained a new passion: evangelizing people in the hard-core sex industry.

The Coming Great Awakening

It's true that America is in a desperate spiritual crisis. But I have assurance that we are on a collision course with God's revival power.

The New Cult of Atheism

Though atheism is still unpopular in the United States, the new book The God Delusion has made it more fashionable. The truth is that Richard Dawkins’ book, not the Bible, is the real delusion.
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