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Love on the Front Lines

Justin and Michelle Erb were 20-something newlyweds when God sent them to the Philippines as missionaries.

In The Shadow of the Kremlin

Old traditions die hard in the former Soviet Union, but RICK AND DENISE RENNER are bringing hope to millions of Russians.

Breaking the Power of Voodoo

After centuries of oppression, the nation of HAITI is still locked in a spiritual battle against occultism and poverty

Advice for the College Bound

From one parent to another, here are FOUR KEY LESSONS your kids must learn as they head off to college.

The Coming Holy War

All Christians who love Israel-and who want world peace-must be concerned about the growing terrorist threat in Iran.

Living Pure in an R-Rated Culture

What was once thought of as vulgar is now standard fare in Top 40 music and on TV, radio and film. HOW can we reverse the trend in modern media?

Vessels of Compassion

Don and Sondra Tipton, co-founders of Friend Ships, gave up a lucrative career to transport food and relief around the world.

No More Candy-coated Gospel

For too long, the church has been feeding believers a SUGAR-SWEET MESSAGE that tastes good but has NO SUBSTANCE. Let's get back to preaching the cross of Christ.

Anointed to Heal

MAHESH and BONNIE CHAVDA have witnessed countless miracles during their more than 30 years of ministry. Now they are training others to impact the world for Christ by laying hold of the healing anointing.

Looking for Love Online

Thousands of Christians are turning to the Internet to find romance. But is this a safe way to secure a mate?

Warm Hearts, Loving Arms

Keith and Cherith Marsh, pastors in New Hampshire, have adopted several foster kids-and have made room for more.

Don't Be Fooled by Farakhan

Because of RACIAL INJUSTICE in our nation's past, some African-Americans believe 'the white man' is the devil.

Queer Eye On America

Radical Gay Activists have plans to change our nation and their agenda goes way beyond wardrobe makeovers

A Miracle in Babylon

There is some good news coming out of Iraq. Christian churches are growing at an unprecedented rate.

Storm Troopers

In the wake of Katrina, Christian relief groups were some of the first to offer food, shelter and kindness.

He's Goin' Places Now

Vern Jackson was a truck driver going nowhere. Then God gave him HIS BIG BREAK-and his music career began to soar.

The Lady is a Prayer Warrior

She is known as the mentor of dynamic preacher Juanita Bynum. But pastor Veter Nichols is committed to training an army of intercessors for God.

I Was a Stranger and You Let Me In

Would you let immigrants from another country live under your roof? These families say they had no choice but to show Christian hospitality.

Go the Second Mile

Jesus said those who follow Him must go out of their way to love people. Are you ready to GO THE DISTANCE?
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