The Calm After the Storm

Having survived cancer, a nervous breakdown and Hurricane Katrina, Bishop Paul S. Morton is spreading a message of hope in New Orleans and across the nation.

A Martyr’s Cry

Iranian pastor Haik Hovsepian was murdered in 1994, but his voice is still heard—thanks to a fascinating documentary about his courage.

He Fought the Good Fight

Long before the Internet was a reality, publishing pioneer Robert Walker dreamed of a day when Christian magazines and books would be accessible to the mainstream.

He Dared to Touch the World

Many people in this country have never heard of T.L. Osborn yet he has preached to untold millions in other countries. Today this humble evangelist is leaving us a legacy of faith.

This Man is Dangerous

Kevin Turner is no ordinary missionary. He takes his message of compassion to the world's war zones.

The Bravest Woman in Utah

Sandra Tanner, an ex-Mormon, has been introducing other mormons to the real Jesus for 42 years. And she's not going to stop now.

The Lady is a Prayer Warrior

She is known as the mentor of dynamic preacher Juanita Bynum. But pastor Veter Nichols is committed to training an army of intercessors for God.

God Spoke Through a Man

For 50 years Bill Hamon has taught Christians how to use the gift of prophecy. But those who speak for God, he says, must learn to submit to His dealings.

The Priest With Healing Hands

Francis MacNutt has introduced thousands of Christians to miraculous healing. Now 79, he hopes to train an army of healers to take his place.
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